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Waltzing Matilda USA

          About Us

WM was founded in 2013 by Mike Balistaris in Wayne, PA.  His vision to create beautiful, timeless pieces from new and recycled leather was the beginnings of WM.  In 2020, Adam Sutton & Cynthia Rollins purchased the company.  Adam had been crafting WM sandals at his factory in Brewer, Maine since 2018.  They loved the brand and wanted to continue Mike's plan for the company.  The brand was very well known for its quality and uniqueness.  Adam and Cynthia are both from Maine and find Maine workers to be hard working and caring.  The men and women at the factory enjoy providing details to their work and seeing it out in the world.  Maine is a laid back, beautiful state.  The colors of Maine are what WM is all about.  The browns, blacks, green and blues.

All of our leathers are sourced from tanneries in Maine and Illinois.  The Illinois tannery has been in existence over 100 years.  Our attention to detail, contrast stitching and quality leathers make our products stand out.  We are always developing new products...we are working on portfolios, iPad cases, wine bags, bureau trays, wallets, belts and more.

Our goal is to make our collections small and concise.  We have acquired many patterns from the previous owner and will be reintroducing products that were loved by so many over the years. 

ETHOS & GOALS:  To produce unique, handcrafted, limited edition leather sandals and accessories using American made materials with attention to detail and quality.. Providing lasting looks with a unique flair.

WHERE DOES THE NAME WALTZING MATILDA COME FROM?  From the Australian Folk Song, Waltzing Matilda.  

SUSTAINABILITY:  We use recycled leather whenever possible and appropriate to continue unique looks that was the founding principles of WM.  We use as much of the leather as possible..creating small leather goods, coasters, bracelets, dog collars and more to reduce waste.  We have also provided a young lad in Pennsylvania with leather scrapes for a project he is working on.  We have to help the next generation of leather workers as much as possible.

Enjoy our site and our products...your ideas and comments are encouraged!

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