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Custom Leather Accessories

You Can Order Custom Leather Accessories to Complete Your Wardrobe.

Handmade leather belts, Maine can complete your look in a way that goes beyond looking presentable. Are you on the hunt for the best in leather belts? Our handmade leather belts are made with Italian calf leather and can be customized to your exact needs. Purchasing quality items that are custom made just for you means that the item will last you longer, and fit your specific needs better than any mass-produced piece available.

We make fashionable leather belts locally. In fact our family-owned business is located right here in Maine. Each piece is custom made by craftsmen who take pride in every stitch. Our custom leather belts can be made for any size. If handmade leather belts Maine is in your search history, check out our selection of quality goods. We also have a variety of custom leather accessories available to complete your look or to provide a function. If you have a particular style of the belt in mind that you do not see on our site, contact us to see if we can fulfill your needs with a personalized handcrafted piece.

Maine weather can change even on the hottest summer day, to a cool situation where you wish you had a sweater. Try one of our canvas totes to keep in your car to store items for temperature fluctuations. Our totes are sturdy, have attractive features, and are the perfect size to fit in your vehicle to hold supplies to tide you over in a weather event or an actual emergency.

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